Haunted Hotels That Will Make You Leave the Light On: America’s Top 10 Ghostly Travel Havens

Welcome, dear readers, to a journey through time and terror. Let’s tread together into the dimly lit corridors of America’s most haunted hotels, each one offering an eerie experience that promises to linger long after your departure. Should you dare to book a room at any of these ten spectral sanctuaries, you may find yourself more attuned to the ethereal echoes of past guests who’ve never quite checked out.

There are rooms with views and then there are rooms with specters. Some travelers may delight in the thrill of unexplained happenings that make the hairs stand on the back of their necks. For those drawn to the inexplicable, the United States offers a plethora of destinations known for their ghostly encounters. Below are 10 haunted hotels sure to provide guests with an ethereal experience they won’t soon forget.

Haunted Hotels
These haunted hotels will make you leave the light on all night

Not for the Faint of Heart – Hotels with Haunted Histories

1. The Stanley Hotel – Colorado
Nestled within the scenic Rocky Mountains, the Stanley Hotel boasts more than just breathtaking views. Renowned as Stephen King’s inspiration for his chilling novel “The Shining,” many guests have reported experiencing paranormal activity, from the sound of phantom children playing in the hallways to the ghost of a maid continuing her duties in Room 217.

2. Marshall House – Georgia
Dating back to the Civil War, the Marshall House in historic Savannah has a palpable aura of history…and the reported spirits to accompany it. Having served as a hospital three times over the centuries, many guests have reported spectral sightings of former patients, most notably, ghostly children and a one-legged man.

3. The Myrtles Plantation – Louisiana
Dubbed one of America’s most haunted homes, The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville invites guests to spend a night… if they dare. The most famous phantom is said to be a former slave named Chloe, who reportedly appears in photographs and is blamed for much of the eerie happenings around the property.

4. Hotel del Coronado – California
This majestic hotel has drawn visitors for its beauty and kept them talking because of its resident ghost, Kate Morgan. The tragic tale of Kate, a young woman who checked in but never checked out, continues to intrigue guests and staff alike, with sightings of her melancholic specter reported throughout the hotel.

5. Hawthorne Hotel – Massachusetts
In a town infamous for its witch trials, it’s no surprise Salem’s Hawthorne Hotel has a reputation for the paranormal. Guests have reported unexplained phenomena such as the turning of ship wheels in the maritime-themed rooms and a spectral woman wandering the halls.

6. The Crescent Hotel – Arkansas
Billed as America’s Most Haunted Hotel, the Crescent Hotel’s past as a hospital run by a fraudulent doctor with dubious treatments has spawned a host of ghostly tales. Guests have reported a wide array of specters, from former patients to the unscrupulous doctor himself.

7. The Queen Anne Hotel – California
Formerly an etiquette school for girls, San Francisco’s Queen Anne Hotel is known for its resident ghost, Miss Mary Lake. Many guests have reported feeling comforted by an unseen presence, often finding their blankets tucked around them or their suitcases mysteriously unpacked.

8. Hotel Provincial – Louisiana
Within the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter, the Hotel Provincial has its share of ghost stories, attributed to its use as a Confederate hospital. Guests have reported a range of eerie experiences, from blood stains that mysteriously appear and disappear on bedding, to apparitions of soldiers and surgeons.

9. The Emily Morgan Hotel – Texas
Adjacent to the Alamo, the Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio once served as a medical facility. Reports of unexplained noises, sensations, and apparitions have earned it a reputation as one of the city’s most haunted spots.

10. The Biltmore Hotel – Florida
Luxurious and historic, Miami’s Biltmore Hotel is known for its resident spirit, Thomas “Fatty” Walsh, a mobster killed at the hotel in the 1920s. Tales of Fatty’s mischievous specter playing with the elevators and making unscheduled appearances have become a part of the hotel’s legend.

For those with an appetite for the eerie and a taste for the inexplicable, these haunted hotels offer a peek into the spectral side of America’s past. But remember, visitors be warned – these spectral accommodations are certainly not for the faint of heart.

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