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Camping World Stadium is a sun-drenched stadium located in beautiful, Orlando, Florida. You may have heard of this place when it was originally called the Citrus Bowl Stadium, but that named got squeezed out in favor of the new name.

The stadium is still home to several central Florida teams and can hold 65,000 orange juice-loving fans and annual events including the Capital One Bowl of college football, the 1994 FIFA World Cup of soccer (ok, football!), the 1996 Summer Olympics and even high school football games.

Camping World Stadium has been baking under the Florida sun since 1936 and has seen many fantastic games. If you are a fan of stadium architecture, you will appreciate the stadium’s distinctive circular design – round like an orange, with a series of arches built in to the upper deck.

Seating options are plentiful – the stadium can accommodate you if you want basic seating, club level seats, suites, or party decks for your big party group.

Don’t Worry, Be Hangry

You won’t go hungry here! Camping World Stadium features a variety of amenities, including concessions, and there are many merchandise stores to feed your need to shop, as well as VIP areas for those who want a more exclusive experience while watching their favorite sports team or music act.

Where Is This Magical Place?

You will find Camping World Stadium very close to another famous magical kingdom. The stadium is located in downtown Orlando, and is easily accessible by public transportation or your own vehicle.

When planning your trip, you won’t want to spend too much time in a hot car in the hot sun, so finding a hotel that is nearby sounds as refreshing a glass of fresh-squeezed Florida orange juice. Check out our list of the closest hotels and grab some suntan lotion and head for Orlando!

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