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EPCOT: Experience the Future and the World in One Florida Day

Put on your walking shoes, slather up with some sunblock and grab a bottle of water, because we’re embarking on a journey into the heart of Walt Disney World’s most futuristic and multicultural theme park. Welcome to EPCOT, the extraordinary meeting point of imagination, innovation, and international flair.

EPCOT: The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow Today

EPCOT, standing proud as one of Walt Disney World’s oldest attractions, was once merely a glimmer in Walt Disney’s eye – an “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”. Today, it’s a vibrant reality, enticing guests with its thrilling blend of technological marvels and global wonders.

Witness awe-inspiring advancements in urban planning, mass transportation, and even space travel. Then, as dusk descends on the Sunshine State, marvel at the park’s transformation into an incandescent spectacle of fireworks and light shows. EPCOT doesn’t merely invite you to observe; it urges you to immerse yourself in the adventure.

Future World and World Showcase: Two Halves of an Exciting Whole

EPCOT unfurls across two distinct realms: Future World and World Showcase. The former catapults you into a science-fiction panorama brimming with pavilions dedicated to scientific pursuits, from energy to communications. Fear not, though – there’s no chance of an alien invasion here!

Meanwhile, World Showcase extends an invitation to embark on a culinary and cultural journey. Sample an array of global delights in pavilions representing countries from Mexico to Germany, and from France to England. EPCOT serves up the world on a silver platter – no passport required!

The Thrills and Spills of EPCOT

Experience the breathtaking thrill of Soarin’, a simulated hang-gliding adventure. Or feel the wind in your hair on Test Track, a high-octane ride blending road safety education with pure, unadulterated fun. These are just two of EPCOT’s many exhilarating attractions that promise to keep you coming back for more.

Comfort and Convenience: Top Three Hotels Near EPCOT

Why venture far when you can stay close to the action? Here are the three closest hotels to EPCOT, each offering unique charms and that warm, sunny Florida hospitality:

Disney’s Beach Club Resort
Immerse yourself in the casual elegance of a New England-style resort with this EPCOT-area favorite. You’ll love the sand-bottom pool and the convenience of being just a stroll away from EPCOT.

Disney’s BoardWalk Inn
Experience the charm of an early 20th-century Atlantic coast boardwalk at this enchanting resort. It’s a short walk to EPCOT, and you’ll have dazzling nightlife right on your doorstep.

Swan and Dolphin Resort
Offering a world of creature comforts with a whimsical touch, this resort is an easy boat ride away from EPCOT and offers several dining options on-site.

How Close Are EPCOT Hotels?

Since most of the hotels are on or close to Walt Disney World property, there are many other Disney attractions that are near you. Are there any hotels in walking distance to EPCOT? Sure! If you have some comfortable shoes and don’t mind walking in the warm Florida weather, you can do it! All the hotels on our list are close to EPCOT, so once you pick one, even if you don’t feel like walking, you are still only a short drive or shuttle ride from EPCOT and the many other wonderful Disney parks, restaurants and entertainment venues. Please check out our list of the closest hotels near EPCOT and enjoy your vacation!


Hotels Near EPCOT at Walt Disney World
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