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EPCOT is located at Walt Disney World in Florida and is one of the oldest theme parks on the property. EPCOT was originally designed as a concept for an “experimental prototype city of tomorrow” or EPCOT.

The park has evolved into a popular location to showcase various innovations in technology, urban planning, mass transportation and even space travel. There is also a World Showcase pavilion where guests can experience the food and culture of many countries from around the world. EPCOT lights up after sundown with amazing fireworks and light shows so you may want to stick around as long as you can once the sun sets on central Florida.

Some cool things you may not know about EPCOT include:

EPCOT is divided into two main sections: Future World and World Showcase. Future World features Sci-Fi pavilions that focus on various aspects of science and technology, such as energy, transportation, and communications but without the risk of alien invasion. World Showcase is a series of pavilions that showcase the culture and traditions of various countries around the world and include great foods to try from Mexico, Germany, France and England.

EPCOT has many exciting attractions too! Make sure to check out Soarin’, a simulated hang-gliding ride, and Test Track, a high-speed ride that will teach you about road safety while giving you an adrenalin rush on the outside speed track.

How Close Are EPCOT Hotels?

Since most of the hotels are on or close to Walt Disney World property, there are many other Disney attractions that are near you. Are there any hotels in walking distance to EPCOT? Sure! If you have some comfortable shoes and don’t mind walking in the warm Florida weather, you can do it! All the hotels on our list are close to EPCOT, so once you pick one, even if you don’t feel like walking, you are still only a short drive or shuttle ride from EPCOT and the many other wonderful Disney parks, restaurants and entertainment venues. Please check out our list of the closest hotels near EPCOT and enjoy your vacation!


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