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Knoebels: A Pennsylvania Amusement Park with a Difference

If you’re bored to tears with the same old same old, and your wallet cries every time you pass through the pearly, or more likely plastic, gates of the corporate amusement parks, then you’ve gotta check out Knoebels. Nestled in the bear-hug embrace of the Pocono Mountains, this family-run giggle factory is just about an hour’s joyride from Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. And if you’re someone who prefers trains to traffic, don’t sweat it – there’s a train station nearby too.

Now what’s so darn special about Knoebels, you might ask? Well, prepare for your socks to be knocked off! This joint’s been cookin’ up amusement since your granddaddy’s granddaddy was in knickers – it’s one of the oldest and most expansive fun factories in the United States. And let’s not forget the unique trimmings this place offers.

Sprawling over Knoebels’ ground are more than 70 gravity-defying, scream-inducing, giggle-generating rides – we’re talking everything from roller coasters to water rides, kiddie attractions to family adventures. But Knoebels doesn’t stop there, oh no! It also boasts a splash-tastic water park, a mini golf course for when you want to pretend you’re Tiger Woods, an arcade filled with nostalgia, and a campground for those who prefer their stars in the sky, not on a screen.

Knoebels – Where Everyone Gets a Free Pass

But here’s the real kicker: Knoebels doesn’t charge an entry fee! That’s right, folks, you only pay for the rides or attractions that tickle your fancy. This makes it a budget-friendly spot for families and a fabulous way to try out a smorgasbord of amusements without selling your first-born child for a day pass.

Knoebels – Features Galore

Now, you might be wondering, what else does Knoebels have in its bag of tricks? Well, hold on to your hat, ’cause there’s more! The park has a bunch of dining spots from cafeteria-style feeds, pizzerias to snack bars, and even a few sit-down restaurants for when you’re feeling fancy. And for the outdoor adventurers, there’s a year-round campground with all the necessary comforts – showers, restrooms, and laundry facilities.

Not to mention, a seasonal water park with water slides, a lazy river, and a kiddie play area that would make even the biggest grumps crack a smile. Let’s also not forget about the nostalgic arcade and mini golf course that opens its doors when the season’s right.

Where To Stay When Visiting Knoebels?

Looking for a place to crash after a day of fun? The Quality Inn & Suites Elysburg, Knoebels A-Frame Hotel, and the Red Roof Inn Elysburg are just a stone’s throw away.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a place that’s equal parts thrilling, chill, and affordable, Knoebels should be your go-to. Whether you’re a spring chicken or an old rooster, this family-friendly park promises a day packed with laughs and memories. So, when are we hitting the road?

And there you have it, your ultimate guide to Knoebels. Thanks for sticking around, hope you got a kick out of it!

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Photo Ruhrfisch, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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