HOTELS NEAR Knott’s Berry Farm

Are you looking for great hotels near Knott’s Berry Farm?

HOTELS NEAR Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm is located in Buena Park, California, United States. The farm is a popular theme park that features rides, restaurants, shows, a water park and many other activities for families to experience, including a Marketplace full of many wonderful foods and places to eat.

The Knott family started over 100 years ago with a simple berry stand and later built a store where they would sell berries, jams, pies and other items made from the fresh produce grown on their farm. When they opened a restaurant featuring home made chicken dinners, the growth of the business took off and eventually led to the creation of a ghost town attraction and other entertainment ideas that were the beginnings of what the park has become today.

The park has continued to expand over the years and now includes seasonal events and other festival attractions, so whenever you visit, there is always something exciting to look forward to. Please check out our list of the closest hotels within a short driving distance to the farm and get ready to enjoy some Knott’s Berry hospitality!

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