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Minute Maid Park is the official baseball stadium for Houston, Texas and that means it is the home of the Houston Astros! You are going to love visiting this place that opened in 2000, has a seating capacity of over 41,000 and thanks to a retractable roof, is able to host games and events any time of the year.

If you are heading that way, here is what to look out for:

1. Crawford Boxes – this is a set of seating sections out in left field that get you really close to the game action. You can expect some amazing views and maybe you will catch a foul ball or a home run if you’ve got the outfielding skills!

2. Hilltop – it’s not the grassy knoll, but rather a grassy area in center field where you can sit and watch the game while, take selfies and enjoy food and stadium snacks.

3. Astros Hall of Fame – this team has history. Check out the hall of fame area to celebrate and learn more.

4. Diamond Club – this is some premium seating with exclusive access to a lounge and private bar.

5. Food – there is plenty to choose from, inlcuding the traditional ballpark fare like hotdogs and nachos, but also check out local favorites like Tex-Mex and barbecue in one of many bars and restaurants including the Budweiser Brew House and the Torchy’s Tacos stand.

Minute Maid Park Fun Facts

Here are some things you might not know about the park but might come in handy when you want to impress your friends:

1. There are “Train Tracks” that run along the top of the left field wall. When the Astros hit a home run, a miniature train, the “Home Run Train,” makes its way along the tracks, carrying oranges from one end of the stadium to the other.

2. The Tal’s Hill – The park’s center field has a small hill. This was originally designed to resemble the natural terrain of Texas. Although it was removed after the 2016 season, this unexpected feature is worth noting.

3. The “Train Room” – No, this is not a training room, but was a storage room for the Orange Train on the train wall. Now it is used for VIP space but the public is not allowed in.

4. The “Rain Room” – you won’t find Rain Man here, but you will be able to watch the games from this room during bad weather. This room has video screens and seating for anyone who has a ticket to the day’s game.

5. Astros Walk of Fame – why not spend some time appreciating the greats of the Astros team? You can visit a walk of fame outside the stadium and pay tribute to some of the icons who played for this team.

Minute Maid Park is a great place to catch a game or show, have some fun with friends and enjoy some great Texas food! There is so much to see and do here that you will want to get to the park early, so check out our list to find a hotel that is close and make your reservation today!

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