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Are you looking for hotels near Mount Rushmore National Monument in South Dakota?

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota in the United States and is well known for its depiction of four famous U.S. Presidents who have each been carved into a granite wall of Mount Rushmore.
The project began in 1927 and lasted until 1941.

Can you name the faces at Mount Rushmore? If the photo below does not help to refresh your memory, then here is a clue: each person was a United States president. In case you don’t want to wait until you visit the monument to find out the answer, then allow us to reveal the key fact about the Keystone Monument. The monument features the heads of Presidents George Washington (1732–1799), Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826), Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919) and Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865).

Mount Rushmore is a marvel of modern engineering and something worth seeing in person. If you are planning to visit this location then you will want to find a nice place to stay that is close by. Please check out our list of hotels and check the official website links for more information.

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The Four Famous Faces of Mount Rushmore

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