HOTELS NEAR Navy Pier Chicago

Are you looking for great hotels near Navy Pier Chicago?

Navy Pier Chicago is located in Chicago, Illinois, United States. The Pier is on the east side of the city and extends out into Lake Michigan.

The Pier is famous for its many attractions that include restaurants, event and exhibition venues and the Centennial Wheel ride that can be seen for miles around and gives the Pier its unique landmark identity.

One of the best and most worthwhile experiences at Navy Pier is to take a stroll to the observation deck out at the very end of the Pier. This will take you way out into Lake Michigan (its 3300 feet long!) but you are still on land and makes for a beautiful vantage point worthy of many selfies with friends and family any time of year!

The Pier draws millions of people each year and is a favorite spot each summer for Fourth of July fireworks. If you are planning a summer or even winter visit to Chicago, you won’t want to miss seeing Navy Pier, so please check out our list of the closest hotels within walking distance and enjoy your vacation!

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