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Silverwood Theme Park

Alright, let’s get into it – here is one of the Northwest’s best-kept secrets – the Silverwood Theme Park. Yeah, Disney gets all the glory, but nestled up in the woodlands of Northern Idaho, Silverwood is the unsung hero of amusement. With its mix of thrill rides, water attractions, and whimsical wonders, there’s plenty to shout about (and not just from the top of the roller coasters!).

Did You Know?

Silverwood’s Roots – Before it was home to some of the craziest rides you’ve ever seen, Silverwood was just an airport. Yeah, you heard that right! A simple airstrip that transformed into an amusement mecca.

Boulder Beach Bonanza – Besides adrenaline-packed rides, the park boasts a massive water park called Boulder Beach. So when you’re tired of defying gravity, you can just chill and float.

Double Trouble – Tremors and Timber Terror. They sound like bad action movie titles, but they’re actually two of the park’s wooden coasters. The wild part? These aren’t your grandfather’s wooden rides. They’re mean, lean, and will give you a thrill that’s somewhere between exhilarating and “why did I eat that chili dog before hopping on?”

Hidden Treasures of Silverwood and Beyond

A Little Hollywood in Idaho – Some parts of the park have been used for movie sets. So you’re not just riding rides – you’re stepping onto Hollywood real estate.

Neighborhood Watch – Just outside Silverwood’s gates are beautiful sights like Coeur d’Alene, known for its epic lake and postcard-perfect views. A little south and you hit Spokane, Washington, a city blending natural beauty with urban energy.

Sustainably Silverwood – Bet you didn’t know this – Silverwood is committed to green practices. They’ve got recycling programs and a dedicated effort to make Mother Nature proud. Now, who wouldn’t want a bit of eco-friendly fun?

Taste-Touring the Theme Park – When your stomach starts growling louder than the rollercoaster roars, know that Silverwood offers more than just cotton candy. From gourmet treats to heartwarming meals, your tastebuds are in for a treat.

Where to Crash After the Thrills

Whew, after a day at Silverwood, you’ll probably need a comfy bed to rest that thrilled-out body of yours. Don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered. Before you take the plunge into theme park adventures, check out our top list of the closest hotels, ensuring your dreams are as sweet as your day was wild.

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