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The University of Central Florida (UCF) has a main campus located in central Florida, north-east of Orlando in Orange County. The school has several other, smaller locations and is part of the state school system of Florida. UCF has one of the largest student bodies for all schools in the United States with more than 70,000 students registered as of 2021.

The UCF main campus is located in a beautiful location just outside of Orlando. The design allows for easy travel from place to place across the campus if you are walking, or riding your bike. The campus blends in with the local environs and don’t be surprised to see some friendly deer checking in on you as you walk to your next class.

UCF is centrally located (of course!) near many popular tourist attractions including Disney World, Universal Studios and downtown Orlando, so there is always something fun to do if you need to get away from college life for a few hours. If you need to hit the beach or want to watch a rocket launch up close at Kennedy Space Center, then both of these options are only about an hour away.

We have put together a list of the closest hotels to the campus so please take a look and enjoy your time in central Florida!

Check out the map below to see all the hotels near the University


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