Top 10 Must-Do Summer Activities at Knott’s Berry Farm

Okay, so you’ve got your sights set on a Southern California tradition, huh? That classic, kitschy cornucopia of cavorting known as Knott’s Berry Farm. Where thrill rides meet family-friendly distractions and the fun goes from sunrise to well… whenever they kick you out.


Knott's Berry Farm Summer Activities
Photo courtesy METRO96, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Plan your unforgettable summer day at Knott’s Berry Farm with our top 10 must-do activities!


Now, let me clue you in on the top 10 things to do that’ll keep your day as eventful as a three-ring circus:

  1. Ride the Coasters
    Strap into the coasters. What’s that, you want to experience high speeds, drastic drops, and whiplash-inducing turns? You’re in luck! The Silver Bullet, Xcelerator, and GhostRider are all eager to scramble your brains. The real thrill here is wondering if you’ll keep your lunch down.
  2. Dive into Ghost Town Alive!
    Nothing says ‘fun-filled day out’ like pretending to live in the old West, right? You too can live the life of a prospector, minus the dysentery and gold rush fever.
  3. Go watch a Show
    Singing, dancing, jokes, magic tricks – it’s like a smorgasbord of performance arts. Like Broadway, but with more sunscreen and fewer pretensions.
  4. Meet the Characters
    Time for a star-struck moment! You can meet some real big shots like Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the Peanuts Gang. Finally, an opportunity to ask Charlie how he puts up with all that existential dread.
  5. Get Wet at Soak City
    Sunburnt and sweaty? Time to cool off by getting thoroughly drenched. Nothing screams summer more than pruney fingers and the sweet smell of chlorine.
  6. Enjoy the Food
    Time to chow down. They’ve got food here that’ll tickle every fancy, from cotton candy to, uh, boysenberry stuff. Because nothing compliments a roller coaster ride quite like fried food and sugar.
  7. Shop!
    Get ready to buy stuff you don’t need. Grab yourself a shirt that’ll fade, a toy that’ll break, or a mug you’ll lose. But hey, it’s got a cute logo, right?
  8. Take a Train Ride
    Ride the Calico Mine Train. It’s slow, it’s leisurely, and it’s a darn good way to give your stomach time to reacquaint itself with all that boysenberry fare.
  9. Have a Picnic
    Because why eat overpriced park food when you can bring your own slightly less overpriced supermarket food?
  10. Get lost… Figuratively Speaking
    Knott’s Berry Farm is like an onion – layers and layers of fun, or something like that. Just wander and see what pops up.

There ya have it, folks! Ten stellar ways to spend a day in this amusement park extravaganza. But wait! There’s more. You can visit the museum, take a behind-the-scenes tour, and even more we haven’t covered. You’re gonna have a hoot of a time at Knott’s Berry Farm this summer.

So, stop sitting on your couch, staring at this screen. Get planning, folks, because that boysenberry ice cream ain’t gonna eat itself!

P.S. After a long day of rollicking fun at Knott’s Berry Farm, you’ll want a comfy place nearby to kick back and relax. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our hand-picked list of close-by hotels, perfect for a sweet night’s sleep after your theme park adventure. Because the only thing better than a day at Knott’s is waking up nearby, ready to do it all over again!

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